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About Bold Truth Ministries International
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Bold Truth Ministries International (BTMI) began over 20 years ago as a ministry "Committed To Educating God's People." Our Vision is to transform the people of God to true abundant life in Christ. We have had many Holy Spirit orchestrated successes. BTMI hosts many enrichment retreats, conferences, and seminars throughout the year. Their purpose is to challenge and motivate the people of God to "Be" all the Word of God declares.

Our ministry team consist of counselors, teachers, pastors, ministers, evangelists, prophets, intercessors, psalmists, and an array of spiritually gifted individuals. These individuals are well trained in assisting anyone in their spiritual awakening.                                                                                                               We believe the Spirit of God empowers His people to orchestrate deliverance from all sin habits, addictions, oppression, and demonic possessions. We firmly believe that each person has a personal responsibility to maintain their spiritual deliverance.